Oh we've got a brand new combine harvester!


We've been thinking how best to represent our cause.

When most people think of the West Country they might think of the rolling Mendip Hills or the Georgian city of Bath.

Well if you're born and bred down in the West, you'll also know of The Wurzels. 


To kick start our campaign we needed to get the very serious message of the potential fixed low funding levels that government are imposing on Early Years Settings, in a catchy west country way.

So here's our version of the chorus of The Wurzels' "I've got a brand new combine harvester."

Our version reflects the government's promise of 30 hrs Free childcare for those eligible in September 2017. The problem is, is that it's not free, far from it. With incredibly low funding that they want to fix until 2020, whilst costs around us rise, early years settings in BANES will struggle financially or indeed close. The government has the power to change this....we hope they open up communication with us shortly. Until then, we'll be singing this tune regularly!

We've got a brand new funding formula and it don't work for me,

We've got to stick together 'cos childcare isn't free.

We have a solution, it's really clear to see,

Just add the word "subsidised' 'cos outstanding isn't free!

Our version of this West Country classic will be coming to the Bath & North East Somerset Learning Authority soon.....pitch forks and potatoes at the ready!