Fighting the government to revisit their new funding formula.

If you're a nursery setting reading this, you won't be in the dark. You'll know all about the new funding formula and how silly it is.

If you are a parent or carer sending your child or children to a nursery offering funded places, you'll be forgiven for thinking that the nursery setting receives from the government what it is they charge per hour for those not receiving funding. If only it were that easy and commonsensical.

In fact, nurseries (especially those in Banes & North East Somerset) only receive a portion of what it actually costs us to provide the quality childcare and early years education. It's looking like (that's right, it still hasn't been confirmed) that we'll receive a base rate of £3.80 per hour, when in fact our charges across the learning authority are more like £5.00 to £5.50 per hour.

It's not about us Early Years Settings being grabby and wanting to run off into the sunset with tax payers' money. It's about being able to run a sustainable business that primarily attracts good staff so that we can all focus on what we need and want to focus on: the education of your children and provide them with the rich, experiential learning opportunities that are entitled to.

So what can you do?

Please email your MPs: enquiring why this funding is so low and ask them whether they can guarantee it won't effect the education your child receives if they attend an Early Years Setting. It will effect staffing, food, location, extras like Forest School and yoga. 

Basically the Government needs to revisit their sums. They haven't come to the right formula...they need to admit, for the sake of the crucial early years education of all the children in this country, that they have to take more time and listen to more providers in order to come to a fairer funding formula for all.

The dirty 30! raising awareness surrounding the government's ludicrous 30hr 'free' childcare offer.


Explaining to parents and carers how funding negatively affects the standard of childcare