We are a group of nursery owners and managers from Bath and North East Somerset who are working together to improve the outcomes for all children within our care.

Our Mission

Work tirelessly in the present, to invest heavily in the future.

Don’t let doing what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do
— John Wooden

What We've Achieved

  • Between us we have changed over 500,000 nappies.
  • Wiped over 2 million noses.
  • Administered TLC to over 3 million bruised and scuffed knees.
  • Repatriated around 7,500 lost socks.
  • Shared over 2 million moments of awe and wonder with those seeing things for the first time.
  • Successfully encouraged 4,000 reluctant broccoli eaters to swallow.
  • Held over 10,000 hands of those new to walking.
  • Delivering top level early years educational environments for over 10 million hours.